System Design & Permitting

Industrial Communications is the most trusted and experienced Distributed Antenna Systems contractor in Florida. Industrial’s in-house design engineers are licensed, trained and certified; hold FCC, GROL, iBwave and multiple BDA manufacturer certifications; and can design for any size and shape of building. We guarantee our systems to function as specified and to pass all inspections.

Our experienced engineers can take your vision, concept or requirements for wireless coverage, and with the latest in-building RF propagation and design technology, create predicted coverage of your building that meets or exceeds all regulatory guidelines. Industrial’s collaborative team approach ensures a complete and thorough custom system design that will last for years to come.


What is iBwave Design and why is it so important? From initial site assessments to 3D design, right through validation and close-out, the iBwave Design software tool is an industry standard for designing in-building wireless networks. With iBwave, we're able to plan your entire project, experience the impact of your design, accelerate the completion of your project and increase the productivity of your network before we ever break ground.

With a basic set of floor plans, either Architectural, Life Safety, Structural or similar building layout, our in-house team of iBwave-certified engineers will create a detailed set of shop drawings or plans ready for permitting. In addition, we can provide a Bill of Materials so you have an ongoing analysis of your capital outlay for greater insight and management over the finances.

When designing a DAS solution, we optimize system design to maximize coverage that provides high reliability. This includes:

  • State and local building and fire code standards
  • Building size, location and composition
  • RF coverage modeling and analysis
  • Co-channel and adjacent channel interference analysis
  • Donor signal location and strength
  • Calculations including link budget, noise floor and isolation
  • System capacity and grade of service analysis
  • Propagation mapping (heat maps)
  • Passive Intermodulation (PIM) testing
  • Technical design, including schematic diagrams and BOM
  • iBwave-certified

Industrial guarantees our systems to function as specified and to meet or exceed all regulatory guidelines. Each project is designed for constructability and maximum ease of installation. We don’t consider the job done until the building passes inspection.


In addition, we provide system turn-up, commissioning and recertification after installation, coordinating with the job site in advance of the scheduled certificate of occupancy to ensure the system is accepted by the local AHJ, fire marshal and FCC Licensee. We can also provide annual inspection and recertification to keep your system in compliance.

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When you work with Industrial Communications you have the advantage of working with our in-house experts in all areas of communications including in-building BDA/DAS systems, tower site leasing and management, two-way radio systems, FCC licensing, and RF engineering. We provide build-to-suit and turnkey communications facilities and special projects for PCS cellular carriers, commercial enterprises, government agencies, public safety, and utilities projects of all sizes. Our tower crews have built hundreds of towers and telecommunications facilities throughout New England and South Florida over the span of 40+ years.

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Is your building up to Florida’s codes?
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Is your building in compliance with the state of Florida’s public safety minimum emergency radio coverage requirements of Florida SB1190? We're happy to start a conversation to see if an Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERCES) is required. Before any design and installation work commences, our RF technical team consisting of licensed DAS installers and technicians always perform a detailed site survey.

Read the full SBC Code Advisory